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Where should I buy computer bits from and both seem to be good online people although some would contend that haggling your way up Tottenham Court Rd will get things cheaper. YMMV

Who should I host my website with?

Blackcat networks, Mailbox and Nildram all have good reputations with members

What templating system should I use?

You have many choices here (As always in Perl, There's More Than One Way To Do It, and it's often a case of picking the best fit for the job.) Many of the group believe that Template Toolkit is a good option, a view fostered by the fact (amongst other reasons) that Andy Wardley (the author) has come and given us good talks and convinced many of us. And bought beer. Beer helped. Other members of the group however remain unconvinced and nominate one of the other alternatives out there as their template system of choice..

The alternatives range from low level 'I just write custom perl each time', though to using perl embedding languages, right up to using Matt Sergeant's excellent AxKit, a XML Application Server (which Matt also gave us a talk on.) At last count there where 33 different templating systems for perl (though this figure cannot possibly not have changed by the time you're reading this.) Note that these aren't all incompatible systems, and we've had several examples of people using pure Perl and Template Toolkit, Template Toolkit and AxKit, and other crazy schemes. Some London Perl Mongers even admit to liking PHP and Python for templating systems (but not real programming ;-) .)

This discussion has been done to death on the list and no-one has ever reached a consensus apart from maybe like many of these problems there is no one best fit. You want to plug your own template system of choice and get it mentioned here? Give us a talk at one of the technical meetings.

Where can I get Perl Training?

You could try Magnum Solutions who may have some public courses coming up.

I'm looking for a job. Do you know any good agencies?

Aerotek, Elan, netexecutive, wia, ngr, futureability, and Harvey Nash have all been mentioned in a positive light on the list.

If it's a perl job you're after then you could try And don't forget the jobs mailing list.

What (mail client|editor) is best?

What ever one you're happiest with.