London Perl Mongers

Current Leader of London PM is Rick Deller who can be contacted on rick (at) eligo (dot) co (dot) uk

Forthcoming meetings

Our social and technical meetings are organised through our Meetup group. If you're interested in attending our meetings, you should probably join it.

Some of our recent technical videos are available on YouTube at the London PM TV Channel.

Who are the London Perl Mongers?

We are a group of people dedicated to the encouragement of all things to do with the Perl programming language in London, U.K.. This involves helping each other, discussing topics, sharing information and the occasional drink.

We are part of the world-wide Perl Mongers group and play host to (as well as visit) others from round the world.

Where Are the London Perl Mongers?

We have regular meetings in London. Some are social meetings where we eat food and drink beer, others are technical meetings where we have presentations about Perl and then eat food and drink beer. We have an active mailing list and IRC channel.

Tell Me More!

You can read more about us, find out who we are, read the reviews that we've written, and discover who else is using Perl.